Toward the Next Generation Electronic Devices

Advanced Opto & Nano Electronics (AONE) laboratory is started in March 2011. We investigate the optical and electrical characteristics of the organic electronic devices, such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), quantum dot LEDs (QLEDs), and organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs). We are also interested in the energy harvesting technologies, such as organic thermoelectrics (OTE) and organic photovoltaics (OPV)s.


  • 차세대 디스플레이 및 전자소자 연구에 관심있는 학부생 및 대학원 진학 희망자를 모집합니다.
    관심과 열정으로 가득찬 학생들은 언제든지 Email, 전화, 방문 바랍니다.

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Group News

Adv. Mater. Interfaces Accepted

A research paper by Dr. Shin et al. has been accepted for publication in Adv. Mater. Interfaces, and as a front cover of the issue. Congrats!

RSC Adv. Accepted

A research paper by Juhyung Park has been accepted for publication in RSC Advances. Congrats!

Prof. Patel to Yonsei Univ.

As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Patel joined Underwood International College, Yonsei University.

★X-TWice 우수상 수상★

학부연구생들로 이루어진 실전문제연구단 AONE 연구팀이 교내 대표 선발전에서 우수상을 수상하였습니다!

J. Mater. Chem. A Accepted

A review paper by Dr. Patel has been accepted for publication in  J. Mater. Chem. A. Congrats!

Sci. Rep. Accepted

A research paper co-authored by Jaeyun Kim has been accepted for publication in Sci. Rep. Congrats!

Cd-Free QLED 개발사업

우리 연구실은 2017년 6월부터 산업자원부의 Cd-Free QLED관련 연구개발사업을 수행하게 되었습니다. Jun-01-2017

한국연구재단 연구사업 선정

유기열전소자개발 연구사업에 선정되어, 한국연구재단으로부터 3년간 연구사업비를 지원 받게 되었습니다.