Toward the Next Generation Electronic Devices

Advanced Opto & Nano Electronics (AONE) laboratory got started at Seoul National University from March 2019. We investigate the optical and electrical characteristics of the opto- and nano-electronic devices, such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), quantum dot LEDs (QLEDs), and organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs). We are also interested in the energy harvesting technologies, such as organic thermoelectrics (OTE) and organic photovoltaics (OPV)s.


  • QLED, 열전소자, 인공신경망 소자 등 다양한 유기전자소자 연구에 관심있는 대학원생을 수시 모집합니다.
    관심과 열정으로 가득찬 학생들은 언제든지 Email, 전화, 방문 바랍니다.

  • 삼성디스플레이 장학생 프로그램 Display Track에 관심있는 학부생(2, 3학년 대상)도 문의 바랍니다.
    (학부 졸업 후 삼성디스플레이 입사 조건, 석사 진학 가능)

  • 정부출연연구소 학연 석박사과정(학교 수업 + 정출연 근무)에 관심있는 학생들도 문의 바랍니다.

Group News

Paper acceptance for

Research paper on transient dynamics of charges and excitons in QLEDs by Jaeyoul et al. has been accepted for publication in Small Congratulations!

Paper acceptance for
Nano Res.

Research paper on QLEDs with a blue common layer by Suhyeon et al. has been accepted for publication in Nano Res. Congratulations!

Paper acceptance for
Adv. Mater.

Research paper on extremely bright QLEDs by Taesoo et al. has been accepted for publication in Adv. Mater. Congratulations!

Award Winning

Suhyeon Lee won Best Paper Award: Silver in IMID 2021. Congrats!